BWF Badminton World TV

The BWF have recently started their own YouTube site that not only shows LIVE FREE Badminton from the biggest tournaments but also a weekly magazine style show and video‟s of all the big matches from the recent 2011 BWF Yonex Word Championships. The site is and is a fantastic new initiative from the BWF.

Badminton World was launched just before the World Championships and vowed to show the whole tournament live and uninterrupted! It is now gearing up to show the 2011 Li-Ning China Masters from the 16th to the 18th September 2011.

Check out the site and make sure you head back there during the China Maters Series!

To get you started try a few of the videos below from the 2011 BWF World Champion-ships, that are now available from the website!

Watch Australia’s own Glenn Warfe & Ross Smith in their first round win:

How about that epic Men’s Singles final between Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei:

2011 Indonesian Open Mens Singles Final, Lee Chong Wei vs Peter Gade:

Episode Two of the all new “Badminton World Magazine Show:

For heaps more video‟s head to:

(Extract from Badminton Victoria’s “Around the Courts”)

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